English Garden Design Wishlist

English Garden Design

As We gradually get more work done on Our garden and smash up more concrete I am starting to think about our garden design and the end goals we wish to achieve.

After a big garden based, financial reality check,  I probably wont be purchasing anything of the sort until next Summer at this rate. Its so typical of me to spend money before I have even earn it!

I love looking at ways to personalise outside areas, its just a shame that English gardens only really get used in the summer so things must be weather proof or easily to pack away over winter.

One of my favourite sites to browse garden accessories and inspiration is Cox and Cox, I have picked some of my favourite outdoor finds currently on their website.

English Garden Design
Fire Pit
Rusty Pig
Boot Stand
Door Mat
Rattan Planters
Zinc Trough
Copper Planters
Brass Bee Door Knocker
Metal Rustic Bench
Outdoor Mirror
Wool Throw

English Garden Design
Happy Browsing!!

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