Small Bedroom Interior Design – Our Bedroom

small Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Our small bedroom is designed around a random collection of hand me down furniture from our family, plus a bamboo clothes rail I bought purposely for the room. Despite the odd collection it works well and it all fits into the space that we have perfectly. Very jammy!

148073F4-EC09-475B-9C0B-1AEDA62D62DB - Copy

Its such a nice space, we have one feature wall in dark purple behind the bed, which I must admit I dont usually like in bedrooms, its too obvious, but our bed fits into a little alcove so it works. The rest of the room is white, all of the furtniture is wooden other than the metal bed which is in a muted grey tone.

I keep all of the soft furnishings in various grey/bluish tones, even down to the pale blue fluffy carpet, because they are calming bedroom-esque colours. Theres a few hints of mustard yellow in the pendant light shade and on one of the sets of Β bedcovers which contrast perfectly against the greys, blues and purples and just make it a tad more interesting.

small Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

We have always wanted shutter blinds which tend to be very expensive (around Β£1500 for a windows that’s the size of ours, which is probably more than what the old windows are worth!!) fortunately we came across a company that sells them in the style that we like but in an alternative material to wood at a more reasonable price.

We settled on some in a white satin finish which are also suitable for bathrooms, so any moisture that makes it through our windows wont ruin them, all at a third of the price of wooden ones. We measured them ourselves at home and 247blinds did the rest. The blinds have really opened out the room somehow and filter the light in the day time and completely shut it out at night when they are closed.

Spot on.

Lighting definitely makes a massive difference to any space so I am super pleased that we finally have the light coming in that suits the calmness of the room!

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