Simple Methods For New Bloggers To Keep Your Posts Focussed And Effective

This is a brief guide to help bloggers covering any topic to keep their posts in keeping with their brand, encourage them to stay motivated and create quality posts.

As I only started blogging in January I am definitely still a newbie in this game, but I quite enjoy reading other blogs and I have learnt what I believe is valuable and creates more impact in a post from a reader perspective. I think its important to have various social media accounts to share posts, but I also believe you are better off with two platforms that you maintain to  a high standard than 5 or 6 that barely get a look it. For me its Instagram and my Blog page that I consistently maintain then I use Facebook and twitter mainly for sharing purposes.

When writing my own posts I have a basic formula that I stick to which derives from a writing plan that I used for articles and essays at Uni. In general all of your content must relate directly back to the title of your post and your post title needs to relate directly to your blog title/personal branding. Don’t waffle and stay to the point to keep people engaged, but also try not to cover too many topics (for me it is home styling, fashion & cosmetics, parenting and child friendly recipes  – if I had enough content then each of those categories could in fact have their own blog, but this is just based on my life experience so there isn’t an overload of info for each) and choose a few things to focus each post around so your readers know what to expect from you and it encourages them to become regular readers.

The writing plan looks like this;

• Why I am writing the post and who it is aimed at

• An overview of what information I am offering

• In what way does this information relate to my readers, how may it benefit them?

• A summary of my thoughts/experience on the chosen topic

Then I select strong images that link directly to my content, if you have any doubt about any of your content then don’t include it. If it adds nothing extra to your blog it is just better that it is not there at all.


2 thoughts on “Simple Methods For New Bloggers To Keep Your Posts Focussed And Effective

  1. Yes! Totally agree with your points. My favourite thing to do is take an idea and mold it into what I think people would want to read about. It helps so much to read successful blogs in your interest area.


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