Healthy, Honest Juice Suitable For Stubborn Kids and Toddlers!

I am so glad to have discovered Bensons The Juicers , they are a Gloucestershire based company which have developed honest fruit juices specifically aimed at kids (they also do tasty ciders for Mums!!) and as a Mum of a toddler that wont drink anything other than milk and diluted fruit and barley this sounded ideal!


The Joosed Junior range contains ‘No added sugar, preservatives or colouring. Just pure fruit juice and spring water with no added nasties’. It counts as one of your 5 a day.. also ideal if you little one is going through a phase of not eating fruit and veg which mine often does. Its nice to know he is getting some fruit without any added sugar or preservatives.

I found them in Waitrose (but there are many other local retailers who sell them which you can find on their website) and bought one of each flavour and my little one loves them all, I have given them all a try and they have such a lovely natural flavour not too sweet like all of the juices you can get with added sugar. He even sneaks into the kitchen and slyly gets them out of the cupboard for himself, but fortunately he cant open them by himself!


We are so lucky to live in Gloucestershire, for me, its has the perfect mix of rural areas with farms and small villages, pretty historic towns and big international high street shops. Other than the seaside, we have a lot of great things that I love very local to us. I try to make a conscious effort to to support independant business in general, but particularly local businesses.

Recently my local farm shop closed down and I have just found out 500 houses will be built on the farm land. Part of the reason We chose to live where we do is because its a nice area broken up with shops and fields, its not just a sea of houses…yet so I am understandably upset! Bensons The Juicers is a Gloucestershire based company who only use apples from British orchards in their products, which unfortunately are heavily in decline and so this prompted me to write this little post to try and promote Bensons The Juicers.

I will be keeping my eyes peeled for more small local businesses to share with you!


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