Pitville Park Cheltenham

Places to visit in Gloucestershire

We had an impromptu visit to Pitville park this week, where I got stuck in traffic on the way to swimming so by the time we got there toddler swimming was over! Fortunately Cheltenham Leisure Centre is on the edge of Pitville Park so we stopped for a picnic while we were there and we probably had a better time than we would have done at swimming!

Pitville Park is home to the famous Pump Rooms building which dates back to 1830. The Park used to have gated access and was the place to be for celebs and rich folk of Cheltenham. Luckily by the 1890s it was open to the public so peasants such as ourselves could visit.

Places to visit in cheltenham uk
Places to visit in cheltenham

I spent so many hours here as a teenager, they used to hold party in the park there with a stage for bands, food and drink outlets and a fun fair that I have really good memories of. Its only since having a baby that I have found myself spending a lot of time there. The ground that used to hold the funfair is now the best childrens play park I think I have ever seen and it has been designed in such a way that it is inkeeping with the feel of the park. No colourful, metal frames that will one day rust and look creepy. Most things are beautifully carved out of wood and tastefully painted.

Places to visit in Gloucestershire

Places to visit in Cheltenham Gloucestershire

They also have a small menagerie with chickens, chipmunks, cockerteils and the like. There are two large lakes, a smaller childs play area, a gold course, a skatepark and an old boathouse. So, plenty to see and do. Patrick loved seeing the ducks and swans on the lake. I forgot how big the park actually was and how much there is to see and do there. We will definitely be visitimng a lot more often. We spend so much time driving to nice places that its easy to forget we have some great places right on our doorstep!

Its definitely a place that I would recommend if you are new to Cheltenham.

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