Closed Fireplace Inspiration – Denim Drift 2017

Closed Fireplace Design Inspiration. Dulux Denim Drift 2017

After two years of having our house We have finally closed off the fireplace and decorated it. We have used Denim Drift by Dulux in our hallway, dining area and now inside the fireplace.

Closed Fireplace Inspiration
BEFORE. Behind the retro gas fire we discovered the original fireplace complete with a hot water tank.

I searched around for design inspiration for closed off fireplaces and couldn’t see much that I liked the look of. I went for the idea of  a dark colour painted on the inside for a clean contrast against our white walls. I’m still on the look out for some tiles for the base of the fireplace, but I am very happy with it for now!

Closed Fireplace Design Inspiration. Dulux Denim Drift 2017
AFTER. Blocked off, re-plastered and painted with Denim Drift by Dulux

I really recommend Denim Drift, it’s a colour I can really describe, My dad hit the nail on the head with ‘RAF Blue’.

Dependant on the lighting it can look dark blue, dark grey, or pale grey. It’s so similar to the various grey tones that you see everywhere at the minute in interiors, but with a twist.

The quality of the paint itself was also pretty impressive, We only needed one base coat and then I touched up a few tiny faint patches and it gave a clean, solid overall finish!

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