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Alternative Home Interior Design

I am constantly moving things around in the house and trying to keep things clean and tidy. Marie Kondo is my go to girl for tips on how to de-clutter.

I am always tossing and turning between a minimal, clean home because I much prefer to live in a house like that, and having an eclectic home full of trinkets and art work. I just love stuff but don’t like living around or cleaning too much stuff.

Its just a constant battle in my mind.
Alternative Home Interior DesignI really like art work, particularly old images of Hollywood Stars from the 60’s and any scene with either the sea or swimming pools in. Blue in general is one of my favourite colours, especially when its next to white. My favourite is David Hockney for colour, shapes and proportions and Slim Aarons stylised photography from the 60s and 70s. I would love to have walls full of their images.. BUT at the same time I like white walls and clean spaces.

I try and just stick to asking myself ‘is it effective?’ and that usually helps me to stop having things just because I like them. If it doesn’t ‘add’ anything to the space, just don’t have it. For artistic people who love  being surrounded by things which are pleasing to the eye, it is actually a really hard thing to do.

Sometimes you don’t necessarily need to particularly like something for it to look effective and have an impact in your home. Sometimes I find myself liking things and buying things BECAUSE I don’t like them and because they are ugly and sort of kitsch, but I know when I combine them with other home accessories, it will just work.


Theres definitely no science behind it, I am a walking contradiction, but Im sure Im not the only one.

Ive just had a little tidy round with the aim to put a few things aside for the charity shop, but I couldnt do it, you know ‘just in case’.. so all of those bits are hidden in a cupboard! haha

2 thoughts on “Minimalist Home

  1. That sounds so familiar! I am always moving things around TRYING to tidy up. The only problem is I am only moving them around not getting rid of any for `just in case`. Great post 🙂


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