Small Family Bathroom Design Ideas

small family bathroom shiwer ideas

We only have limited space in our family bathroom so we had to put a lot of thought into the layout. It’s an older property so we wanted the kitchen and bathroom to both feel new and contemporary without feeling too modern and out-of-place. We have gone with a relatively simple, traditional design in both rooms and I am extremely pleased with them.

When we bought the house it was a bit of a dump and in need of some serious tlc. Really serious.

We ripped out the old shower, basin and toilet to discover damp and rotting floor boards and joists. So we went right back to basics.

small family bathroom renovation


small family bathroom renovation


small family bathroom renovation

We chipped 3 layers of tiles of the walls, had it plastered and painted it all white.
My dad replaced the joists and floorboards for us so we saved massively on labour costs thankfully.


small family bathroom renovation

We had a new combi boiler fitted and all of the plumbing replaced, which meant the old hot water tank that was in an inbuilt cupboard in the bathroom could be taken out. We decided to keep the cupboard as it was and added some shelves for storage space of towels, bedding and the Hoover etc.

I literally have no idea where people keep these things without handy cupboards?!

As we were expecting a baby we decided we wanted a bath with a shower over it because it was more practical. If it had been just myself and my other half, I would have really preferred a large open shower/ wet room, but I’m sure I would have missed the option to soak in the tub!

small family bathroom design ideas

The space we had to fit a bath in wasn’t particularly big, so we had to buy was 1595 mm long which is slightly shorter than your average tub. I wanted such a simple design with a central tap hole, not too rounded but certainly not too square and it took a long time of scouring the internet! Eventually I found THE ONE and was so pleased.

small bathroom interior design

I wanted the wash basin in front of the window which also meant space was an issue, if it was too wide then it would have hung over the bath and given the illusion that the room is small and more cramped than it really is. Fortunately again after hours on the internet and a lot of measuring we found a set!!

small family bathroom shiwer ideas

There was a small alcove which the previous owners had the shower mounted into and we decided we may as well do the same and use the little bit of space that we could for something rather than boxing it in.

By this point we had almost run out of money for the whole project, so the floor is a slate effect laminate from B&Q which my dad fitted. I wouldn’t usually want to have laminate in a bathroom because unless it is treated and sealed to deal with moisture it wont cope well, but we do our best to look after it and nearly two years on it is still fine.

bathroom chrome towel rail and pipes

I kept the colour scheme simple with large rippled white tiles, a white suite, pale grey walls and chrome accents. I usually love bold colours and strong designs, but I wanted the room to feel as open and light as possible. Plus a family bathroom is more about practicality than jazz.

It is easy to change the colours in there with a new shower curtain and towels and it’s not impossible to re-paint it once I’m fed up of grey.

We are both really pleased with what we created with a minimal budget.

A simple, clean design!

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