Method for Drying Hydrangeas

easy method for drying hydrangeas

You should be cutting your Hydrangeas for drying around this time of year if you follow the same method as me.

I look forward to starting Autumn, mainly because it means wearing different clothes like big jumpers that hide your tummy, eating more stodgy food like stews, soups and pies and having an abundance of cinnamon scented candles in the house.

But, I quite like to hold on to a little but of Summer mainly because Autumn and Winter goes on for far too long in the UK if you ask me. So an easy way of holding on to a piece of summer is drying out summer flowers to have on display in the house.

easy method for drying hydrangeas

The most forgiving flowers to do this with is Hydrangeas (which is fortunate because I planted a new hydrangea plant this summer with the intention of drying them).

I am using the water drying method which you can read all about here. 

I am slightly concerned that I may have picked my flowers a little late where they had already begun to dry out on the plant, but I thought it was worth a go!

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