Trip to Weymouth UK

I absolutely love a trip a abroad, in fact it is probably my favourite thing to do in my spare time. However, since most of our money now goes on our house and we have a little one to think about, I am absolutely loving a staycation.

I even love the word ‘staycation’.. who thought of it?

Some clever sausage i’ll bet.

I think when you live in Britain its easy to forget how many amazing places we have here most of them being only a few hours away or so by car which is nothing compared with larger countries. So this year instead of going a abroad we had a few nights in Brighton and a few nights in Weymouth and both trips were absolutely lush. On both occassions we were incredibly lucky with the weather. Every time we go abroad it rains on the first day, its become a bit of a tradition, so it was nice to have sunny dry days every day.

So here is a quick post on our trip to Weymouth this year.

First of all, we stayed with a family member so we had very nice accomodation…sea views and all!! haha. However, as you walk around you see there are plenty of lovely looking B&Bs and self catering town houses all in close proximity of the beach front so Im sure it isnt too hard to find somewhere good to stay.

Weymouth Beach huts

It is great if you have small kids, as it has all of the rides and activities you would expect to find in a seaside town! Our little boy loved it. He is a bit small for most rides, but even just watching them with all the lights and music was enough of a thrill for a 2 year old.

The town centre is small but the narrow streets have plenty of unique shops and restaurants to enjoy.

The beach was incredibly clean considering it is a very busy time of year and they even allow dogs in certain areas.
weymouth harbour

Our favourite areas were the Harbour where we watched the bridge move for boats passing through. Here we sat in the sun and had some fantastic fish and chips (battered sausage and scampy for me!). The Harbour also leads onto Nothe Fort, which was originally built in Tudor times to help fight against French and Spanish invasion and it was also used in both World Wars. The Fort has beautiful gardens to walk around in, which is where we went for a bit of shelter from the sun under the large trees and some great views of Weymouth beach.

Chesil Beach View point
If you are in Weymouth then it is definitely worth visiting Portland which is a 10 minute drive away. There is only one road in and out, so try and avoid peak times of day if you can. From here there are some fantastic viewing points for Chesil Beach, which runs for 18 Miles.

Weymouth Beach Gardens

We also visited Portland Bill Lighthouse and Portland Farm which is small and open plan but free for visitors so its a perfect activity if you have kids. There is a small cafe there where you can also buy animal feed.

We had a great time and I think next time we will visit some of the other near by towns and villages.

weymouth beach

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