Toddler Gift Guide

Retro Toys for Toddlers

My baby is turning 2 this month so I have spent the past month crying and gathering present ideas for him and I have come across some really lovely things that I had to share.

These are my favourites..

Personalised Childrens Clock Best Birthday presents for toddlers
Personalised Clock


Retro Toys for Toddlers
Retro Race Car


wooden toys for toddlers
Tool belt with wooden tools



Traditional Toys for Toddlers
Fruit and Veg Dining Set

Here is a few other ideas if you’re still looking for inspiration;

Wooden Xylophone
Thomas and Friends Puzzles
Cotton Play Rug with City Print
Cotton Play Rug with World Map Print
Fleece Panda Dressing Gown
‘Taller Than’ Height Chart
Pull Along Woolly Mammoth
Wooden Camera
Wooden Magnetic Name Train
Personalised Wooden Baking Utensil Set
Unisex Romper Pyjama Suits
ELC Jumbo Jet with Lights and Sounds
Woodland Animal Socks
Bath Tub Squirters


One thought on “Toddler Gift Guide

  1. I have no idea about gifting children but I saw today comic strips ‘Calvin and hobbes’ by Bell watterson -

    Excuse me if it’s a bad idea πŸ˜…


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