The Ordinary Face Peeling Solution

Best skincare for pigmentation

Sounds scary doesnt it.
Face. Peel. those two words together?!
Trust me, its great!

I knew exfoliation was important, there are theories that men age better than women facially because they shave most days which clears the skin of dead cells (although none of the hipsters shave these days so we can test this theory in 50 years).

Best skincare for pigmentation

I’m a big fan of exfoliating but never realised I may be approaching it the wrong way. Over the past couple of years I have noticed that my skin doesnt recover how it used to when I get a blemish and its a lot less hydrated and can be puffy in the mornings.
I put this all down to being a mum… hormones, stress, sleeping less, no time to drink 8 pints of water a day (or whatever the recommendation is now). However, I can certainly make time for 8 glasses of wine!!

I dont believe that using rough exfoliators on my face can be doing much good, it could even make things worse!

I cant stand in the bathroom mirror every night, as my 17 year old self did, prodding and squeezing spots and blackheads in the hope that they will have vanished when I wake up. Now, I get left with pigmented scars, indentations and in some cases wrinkles!! Yes, wrinkles.

So, these days when I am not crying about said wrinkles, I am formulating gentle skincare routines and trying to plan ways of effectively exfoliating, clearing pores and nourishing my skin without being too tough.

Enter chemical exfoliants….

I know I have mentioned The Ordinary before and I regularly use various products from the range, but I am just going to focus on The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution (£6.30)

You can find all of the technical information about this product on the website . I have found the website so handy in explaining how the various chemicals work in each product and what is and isn’t recommended to use along side them.

Here is my ‘before’, with no make up on

WP_20170801_18_42_58_Pro (2)

How to use;
The product comes in a 30ml glass bottle with a pipette which helps to distribute a small amount in the areas you would like to target. Its a terrifying, dark red colour so it does give you an aubergine-esque tint but its nothing to be afraid of. It is water based so it easily sinks into the skin and is quite runny so a little goes a long way.

I usually put a small drop on my forehead and cheeks and I find this is enough to cover my face, sometimes I will put a little drop on my neck too. Always apply the product when your face is cleansed and dry and let it absorb in for 10 minutes and then rinse with warm water being careful to not get the product in your eyes. You may feel a tinglingly sensation but after a few uses your skin will adjust. My most sensitive area was around my nose creases, but now I have done the mask a few times I dont feel any tingling or soreness.

I normally use this once a week because although its not bad for the skin, it is full of harsh ingredients which can make your skin very sensitive if not used correctly. I usually apply a night cream afterwards and let it all soak in over night.

The Results;

For me, the results were very immediate. After the first use I woke up the next morning with noticeably brighter skin. My skin tone is far from even, I have pigmentation under my eyes and across my forehead which can at least be disguised (at least a tiny bit) if my skin is looking radiant and the light bounces off it (not like a shiny bald head, but much more subltle) so that has helped me a lot. I also have noticed the amount of blemishes I get have reduced.

Since using this product I have been wearing a lot less make up in the day time. I dont feel the need to wear a highlighter and I tend to just dot conceiler under my eyes and on the occasional blemish which lets me feel a lot fresher throughout the day. Usually when I wear a lot of make up I am itching to get it off by the end of the day!

Here is my ‘after’, admittedly with eye make up and straightened hair

Best Home Face Peel
Its certainly something that I will continue to use and for the price it is definitely worth a try!!

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