Boucle Home Autumn/Winter 2017 Trend

Soft furnishings make rooms feel lived in, by using varying textures you can build up a rooms character in a subtle manner. A throw or a rug can give the most sterile room a comfortable, homely feel. I think people quite often over look these accessories, but for me they are an important part of my home.

I constantly have throws, cushions and rugs laying around particularly in the lounge and bedroom because these spaces need it most, but you can also have this theme in Kitchen, Dining areas and outside spaces by having curtains, tea towels, table clothes, placemats etc.

I tend to have super soft fleece, and cotton in the bedroom, we dont have a rug but we have a soft carpet with a deep pile.

small Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

In the lounge I have sheepskin, wool throws, loop pile rugs and velvet cushions to bulid up textures and make the room a bit more interesting.
I love textured, woven fabrics they add a relaxed modern feel to a room and can be married up with most interior styles whether its Scandi, Rustic, Modern or Traditonal.

Fortunately for me the ‘Boucle’ trend that started last year is back again this winter.
This trend focusses on natural colours, natural materials which are woven, knitted or have a loop or chunky finish. You can layer these up for a more luxury feel and use them to balance out colours and patterns.

Heres a few of my favourites;


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