Transitioning from Summer to Autumn Outfits

Autumn 2017 Wardrobe Ideas

Moving from Summer to Autumn can be a really tough time.

No more Pimms in the park and liquid lunches (in fact any kind of day drinking is frowned upon until Mulled Wine season). No more leaving the house without a jacket or for that matter, a care in the world. No more sitting outside catching rays and considering yourself to be ‘very busy indeed’.

The most difficult thing can be to move your wardrobe on.
It’s tempting to go from your bikini top and hot pants (or smock dress) to big jumpers, jeans and boots.
I try to put off wearing full on winter gear for as long as I can, because by January I will have had a guts full of it all.

I am currently having a clampdown on spending which means no unneccessary new clothes.
Honestly.. aren’t all clothes a necessity?!

So I have picked a few of my Spring/Summer wardrobe staples and combined them with some Autumn/Winter pieces to make what I like to call my ‘Sumtumn Wardrobe’.
I know you will all agree it has a definite ring to it.

Autumn 2017 Wardrobe Ideas
A leather jacket can transform an outfit, they are probably my most worn jacket because I wear them all year round.
It works best if you find the girliest or most glamorous dress or skirt you have, I know it’s a bit Courtney Love, but it creates a nice contrast and gives what could be a boring outfit a bit more edge. Courtney knows.
On the coldest days this could be worn with tights and a simple ankle boot.

Autumn 2017 Wardrobe Ideas
One of the most essential basics in my wardrobe is this long sleeve, midi length, body con dress. It is so simple, easy to dress up with heels and a nice necklace or dress down with sandals or trainers.
I have a lot of faux fur jackets and a few of them are various animal prints (it’s an addiction) so having basic jersey tops, skirts and dresses are pretty essential to stop me looking like a crazy cat lady who has let herself go wild in a charity shop.
To keep it casual I have paired it with Converse All Star Trainers.

These iconic trainers can literally be worn with anything, from pretty dresses to ripped jeans and shorts… just look at Kurt Cobain (We have already mentioned Courtney so we can’t leave Kurt out can we) he has been such an influence on contemporary fashion.

Autumn 2017 Wardrobe
I am determined to wear sheer shirts and frilly blouses and I think the best way is in the cold weather is to have a slightly androgynous take.
Here I have taken a sheer black shirt and added a heavy lined cord jacket (cord is taking over from denim jackets this year and I couldn’t be happier), ankle cowboy boots and classic blue straight leg jeans with a leather belt.
To add a bit more femininity I have accessorised with hoop earrings and a bracelet.

Basically this makes me feel like a sexy cowboy.

Autumn 2017 Wardrobe
I feel silly in floaty skirts, I think they can be a bit Mumsy and just too girly, so I really like this time of year when I get to combine them with a biker jacket.. reminds me that I am still cool as fuck.

Again, I have used a basic jersey, this time its a long sleeve, turtle neck. I live in these tops when the weather is cold. They keep you warm, they can be casual or formal and they make you look glamorous, so you can pretend you are Marilyn Monroe.

I know it’s a bit of a Lily Allen throwback, but it’s totally fine to wear trainers with a dress or skirt, and that is that.
I’ve kept the accessories simple because a biker jacket covered in zip pockets and buckles can be faffy and cluttered and I’m not wanting to look like a one man band, so I have gone for my favourite zebra print handbag.

SO, we have covered Marilyn, Cowboys, Lily Allen and the King and Queen of Grunge… I guess that’s me in a nutshell!

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