Hello Fresh Subscription Review

We had a week of Hello Fresh meals last week and I have only just had time to mention it! We were fortunate enough to be given a discount code from a friend for the subscription service so we thought we would give it a go.

So much stress goes into thinking up what meals we will have in the week and having to write the shopping list to match it can take up a lot of time. We have a few favourites that we seem to have every couple of weeks and occasionally I will go through recipe books and choose something different that looks quick, easy and tasty.

When we are both at work all day its difficult to find the energy to do anything too complex in the kitchen, if I am on a day off with the little one and have time to cook I will quite often do a curry, beef chilli or stew, etc that will last us a couple of days. At the moment we are both trying to slim down a little bit so are making a conscious effort to have smaller and healthier portions..which is great, but it means we are restricted on our meal choices which makes writing the stupid shopping list even more stressful.

Apologies that the photos aren’t great.. they were all taken in the evening in the kitchen so I didn’t have the best lighting)

HelloFreshReview4HelloFreshReview3HelloFreshReview2HelloFreshReview1Hello Fresh Subscription Review
The main appeal of Hello Fresh to me is that you choose your meals for the week from a menu which changes every week so you constantly eat different meals and the menu isn’t too big, which i prefer, because if there’s too much choice then we struggle to choose.

As our little one is still young when we cook it is often just for the two of us which can also be difficult. Where you need half an onion and half a stock cube and a table-spoon of soured cream you end up with lots of half use open containers so I try to cook meals that will allow me to use up these ingredients to save waste, but again this restricts what meals we have. So the second best thing about Hello Fresh for me is actually being handed the correct amount of ingredients to match the recipe that they give you, to make a meal that you have chosen. What can be better. (Admittedly there is still some waste when cooking for 2, but its nothing like it usually is).

The meals I made all tasted delicious, the quality of the meat and veg that was delivered were superb. I was interested to see how it would arrive because it was coming via DPD delivery, and it was all very securely wrapped in a big box with ice bags and a special chill bag.

I was very impressed with the whole process and would definitely recommend giving it a go!


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