Autumn Knitwear : Red Jumper Chronicles

Red Knitted Jumper Autumn Fashion 2017

You may, or not, have noticed the amount of red knitwear currently surfacing in the high street Autumn/Winter collections, it’s a huge trend at the moment and certainly one worth getting involved in.

When I think of Red knitwear Charlie Bucket in the original (and best) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film springs to mind!
Not exactly the most Insta-worthy look.. or so we thought.
Turns out Bucket knew a thing or two and His red fisherman knit jumper is one of the most recent high street trends and I can’t get enough of it!

I’ll have 2 Wonka Bars and a Scrumdiddlyumptious please!

Red Knitted Jumper Autumn Fashion 2017

This new red trend is so refreshing, for the past 5 years or so the minute the weather got a bit chilly everyone was suddenly wearing burgundy everything.

For me, Burgundy has become the young person’s beige.. it’s a nice colour, but boring as hell and I can only handle it in small doses.

The current red trend favours bright tomato tones, it has a really subtle hint of orange which I think helps to brighten skin tone a tad. It just generally makes every outfit look more interesting and hopefully more of a talking point.

I have always loved red, but for some reason thought it was a difficult colour to wear.. perhaps if it’s a PVC skirt it is.
But in the form of simple knitwear it certainly isn’t. It’s an effortless way to update your outfit.

Red Knitted Jumper Autumn Fashion 2017

Red Knitted Jumper Autumn Fashion 2017

Red Knitted Jumper Autumn Fashion 2017

Red Knitted Jumper Autumn Fashion 2017

I fell prey to this Pimkie number that I found on ASOS . At £16.99 I consider this to be an absolute steal. I didn’t want to splurge on anything this colour just incase I regretted it, I just wanted to briefly dip my toe into the red, wooly sea.

I have combined this jumper with endless outfits and I havent yet come across anything that it doesn’t work with.

It’s slightly cropped at the front and longer at the back, so if you’re bum conscious but also appreciate a high-waisted trouser or skirt then it’s ideal. I would usually buy a size SMALL, but I wanted something with a slightly looser casual feel that I could tuck in or roll the sleeves up on, so I went for MEDIUM and I am so glad I did.

For some reason a slightly oversized jumper is easier to wear and looks a bit more classy.

The main reason I think this jumper works so well is because it is so plain. A simple neckline which is flattering ( crucial if you have a big chest) and knitted in a plain Fisherman style.

The only thing about it that makes a big statement is the colour!

Feeling inspired?? You can find similar here…

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