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Autumn 2017 Wardrobe Ideas

Just a little blog update that I have decided not to write about my family much any more, in particular my son.
I’ve seen quite a lot of other Mum’s ‘over sharing’ a bit about their kids and sometimes other halves, which is fine if it suits them, but It doesn’t suit me. The more I focus on my family in my blog content the more likely it is that I will also start to ‘over share’ without even noticing.

Ive mainly made this decision for my kids benefit. From what I remember it was hard enough going to school and having to deal with horrible p**cks all day (teachers and other kids) so I don’t want to make it worse by sharing info about him and my experiences of being his Mum, for them to find and one day use against him.
It’s a bit of a safety aspect too, theres far too may weirdos around to me to display my child and what we get up to in the area we live in.

I absolutely love writing my little blog. I don’t even care who reads it, its totally here for me and since I stopped focussing on my family in my content and more on things that I enjoy outside of being a Mum its got even better.

I definitely fell into the trap of pushing the things I enjoy to one side and ignoring them in favour of just being a Mum. Now he is not a newborn anymore and is slowly (very slowly) becoming less dependant on me and before I know it will be going off to school and I will be miserable.

So, its really important for me to start getting back into the things I used to enjoy, perhaps not the spontaneous mid-week nights in town to get drunk and smoke loads of fags, maybe more along the lines of enjoying buying and wearing new clothes and trying out new trends and products and general STUFF.

I have noticed that my blogs tend to be aimed more around fashion, beauty and occassionaly lifestyle and that wasn’t intentional to stick to those themes, but it seems to be working better for me and my readers, so those are the areas I will concentrate my content on from now on.

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