Wall Art Style

I love being surrounded by art work, especially at home whether it’s a print, canvas or wall mural, I think art really makes a house feel like a home. I have always been a creative person and since leaving University have really regretted not doing an art based degree. Perhaps that it something I can do in the future when my little one is older and I have more time to myself.

I am lucky to live in a town that has several galleries and art schools, which attract talented people, which is one of the many reasons I love living here.

I absolutely love colour and have always been a huge fan of David Hockney’s work since discovering him at senior school. Mainly for the simplicity of his style but also the colours and proportions he uses. My friend, Lucy Sherston, creates work which I think shares a lot of similarities to Hockney with her use of shapes and colour combinations. I have a couple of her prints in my hallway and absolutely love them. They are a great conversation starter when new guests walk through the door, I get so many compliments on them. The pieces she creates are so perfectly in keeping with my interior style, they even have this underlying retro feel to them which I can’t put my finger on.

Lucy Sherston
SAUSAGE WOMAN II by Lucy Sherston

I find that a lot of the artwork I feel drawn to contains a lot of blue, white and green, possibly a reason why I love Hockney and Sherston’s work so much, but it also brings me onto photography by Slim Aarons.

by Slim Aarons

Slim Aarons created various collections which I love, but my absolute favourites are his poolside images. They are all photographs based around private pools in Californian homes. He would photograph Hollywood celebrities at private events through the 1950’s-70’s and never used stylists or make up artists, so although the shots were glamorous, they felt natural and candid. The era which he worked in also happens to be my favourite era for fashion and interior style.

Leading on from Slim Aarons images through the 50’s to 70’s brings me on to images taken from Film and TV created in, or styled for this era. We currently have a large black and white image in our lounge taken from James Bond; Thunderball (1965). It’s not necessarily the image I imagined having in our lounge, especially as such a big size but my other half and I were both drawn to it and we bought it from London Film Museum whilst they were holding a James Bond exhibition. I love the movie posters for all of the James Bond films from this time



For a while now I have been keeping an eye out for some other art to have in our lounge alongside the Thunderball movie still. I either thought I needed something completely opposite to it going for something abstract or colourful, or find something that has similar qualities.

I found this image from Photowall that I decided to go with which I have been gifted. I like the idea of having a Film poster rather than a movie still, so it’s in keeping with the style we already had and it shares the black and white theme and still relates to a movie. There were so many options available on photowall it was hard to choose!

The canvas came flat packed and we had to construct it as shown here  which was really easy to do and meant that the canvas didn’t get damaged in transit. I have teamed up with Photowall to offer you 20% off  anything across the entire selection of art wall murals and canvas’ using this discount code; photowallalicecampaign2017 (valid for two months).  They have a great website and a wide selection of art work on offer.

*This is a sponsored post for Photowall but all of the words are my own. I only promote products which fit with my blog and that I genuinely recommend!

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