New Hair & Best Styling Products

Best Hair Products 2017
Best Hair Products 2017
Current Styling Products

I recently decided to have a fringe cut in after years of completely growing mine out and swearing that I would never bother with a fringe again, yet here I am.

I’ve had every time of fringe you can imagine, I’ve gone from Betty Page all the way to J-Lo. Thick, short, block, layered, long, straight, curled under… whatever. No matter what my fringe is cut like I always feel like Mia Wallce from Pulp Fiction because my hair is so dark and shiny..she’s cool n’all but I dnt fancy looking like her every day!

‘Fringe Life’ is tricky and full of jealousy and despair.
I have a few friends that go through phases of growing their fringe out and then being inspired by other people with them and immediately getting one cut back in a nd regretting it a week or two later. It’s a never-ending debacle.

My main reason for growing mine out is that it takes a lot of styling and you’re constantly having to pin it back to do make up or for cleansing etc. It just got on my nerves after a while.

However, after constantly looking to Jane Birkin and Anna Karina for that effortless, Parisian. I have been inspired. Their 60’s looks are just so ‘un-done’ and so I am trying to take this approach with my new hair.
I’m not trying to style it too much.. no one likes a forced fringe.

(I appreciate that I look more Morticia Addams than Parisian chic)

WP_20171008_16_36_55_Rich (3)

Fortunately I have thick, heavy hair that falls nicely and tends to stay in place which is ideal for a fringe.

Friends occasionally ask me how my hair is so shiny and what products do I use etc, and this new hair style has prompted a little blog post detailing what products I use and some that I would like to try.

Best Hair Products 2017
Current Styling Products

These are my current styling products all of which I am really happy with.

H&M Dry Conditioner £6.99
Perfect for adding a bit of shine and helps do keep hair feeling nourished. Especially useful after using dry shampoo

Toni&Guy Creative Reboost Dry Shampoo £2.99 (usually £7.99)
Best Dry shampoo I have ever used.

Toni&Guy Seasalt Spray £7.19
Perfect for added texture to a flat looking pony tail all for giving your hair a bit more grip before styling into an up do. Perfect for giving freshly washed, fluffy hair that natural lived in look.

Elnett Precious Oil Hairspray £6.69
Contains argan oil so is kinder on hair than most hairsprays. Brushes out and looks natural.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Perfector Oil £9.99
Use this on wet hair before styling, it protects against heat styling and again on dry ends after styling. Keeps new growth hairs neat and sleek and helps to keep hair healthy. Keeps it feeling soft and healthy in between washes and smells amazing.

Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Omega Repair Beauty Balm £6.00
This stuff used to be available everywhere, but its been discontinued for some reason. I have managed to find some on amazon. Its great stuff, very similar to the Oil listed above except it has a lightweight cream texture. Smells gorgeous and keeps end looking healthy. I used to apply this to my hair a few times a day when it was bleached and a bit dry and it worked wonderfully.

Lee Stafford Detangling spray £6.99
Perfect for thick hair, spray on towel dried hair to allow the comb to move smoothly through it without breaking any delicate ends.

I am completely fickle with shampoos I will admit. I am currently using this shampoo and matching conditioner its a really nice product, but I feel like I need to up my hair game and find something a bit more nourishy next time.

I tend to go for anything around £10 a bottle or over, but I will buy it when it is on offer. Boots is the best for 3 for 2 on hair products! I have just never found anything that really wowed me and I think its good to keep changing shampoos otherwise your hair gets used to it and it just stops working as well as it first did.

The best tip I can offer anyone when washing their hair is to rinse products out with cold water. I have no idea about the science behind it, but it will leave your hair much shinier. You have have to do it consistently for a week or two before you see a difference but it definitely works and its worth being painfully cold!

I am currently on the look out for a really decent hair mask. Since I became pregnant my hair has gone a bit dryer and a bit frizzy so I am always keeping my eyes peeled for a decent mask that will nourish and smooth… in fact I am looking for a miracle full-body mask that will nourish and smooth if anyone has any contacts in the underworld of perfect skin?!?!

Products I would like to try…


I have been looking into Pureology hair products and really like the sound of the shampoos and conditioner. I have also heard really good things about Shea Moisture and would like to try out their masque.


If any one has any other hair products they can recommend I would love to know!

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