Best Nude Lipstick – Benefit Cosmetics Double the Lip

I’m sure you have all heard of Benefit Cosmetics before, but have you ever heard of a lipstick and liner in one? Thought not.

After receiving a travel size Double The Lip in a dark pink shade in my Birchbox I decided to buy a full size one in Nude Scandal. Designed with a teardrop shape with the smallest point being a shade darker to line the lip. Can be a little tricky to turn upside down and apply on the bottom lip, but once I had done it a few times I had got the hang of it.

double the lip benefit Cosmetics
I’m not usually one for lipsticks, I have always wanted a nice nude colour but never really came across one that appealed to me. I’m more of a lip balm kind of girl, but since trying Double the Lip in Nude Scandal I will not be going back. Admittedly at £16.00 it is fairly pricey for a lip stick but it has good staying power I usually put it on just before I leave the house in the morning, then give it a little top up after I have eaten my lunch and some times one last top up before I leave work to keep my face looking fresh.

The dark liner is very subtle and helps to get a nicely defined line around the lips and stops the lipstick bleeding. The lipstick itself is very creamy and not at all drying, in fact my lips feel nicely moisturised when I wear it. The colour is on the browner side of nude rather than pink, it has kind of 90’s feel to it which I love.

I definitely recommend trying it!

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