Classic Capsule Must Have; Aran Jumper

An Aron knit item is essential for a cosy/classic/smart casual look that is absolutely timeless. It is completely above fashion and will always suit anyone male or female at any age at any time and that’s why it should be an essential in your Autumn/Winter Capsule wardrobe.

I have mentioned how important the simple Fisherman’s Knit is before and the Aran Cable Knit is right up there with it, except it makes more of a statement.

For me it has to be some variation on cream, it just looks so classic and British. It’s easy to pair with a midi skirt and ankle boots, or  jeans and mules or boyfriend jeans and trainers. Any high waist denim is going to look good with a cable knit basically.

I love the old cardigans with the leather or wooden buttons that you sometimes find in vintage shops.

I have had this Cable Knit Cardigan from Topshop, which I bought 5 years ago this winter and I have worn it to death, but it still looks good. I have to ‘de-bobble’ it every so often and I always wash it carefully because I love it so much. It has plastic chunky buttons, but they are dark brown leather effect which is good enough for me.

This traditional cardigan is so timeless that when I saw a picture of my Gran wearing a similar one when she was around my age, I actually thought it was a picture of me at a glance!

I also have a cropped cable knit turtle neck jumper that I love, which my mum knitted for herself years ago and I ‘accidentally’ popped it in with my things when I moved out!

Here’s some similar current cable knits..

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