ASOS Beauty Box

Continuing with my new-found love of beauty boxes, I decided to give the current ASOS beauty box a try. This one is a different from all of the others out there because its contents are not a surprise, all the details are listed in the product info when purchasing the beauty box, so for those of you who hate surprises, this is the box for you. You have to get in there quick because once they are out of stock, that is it!

At £12.00 I found this box to be very reasonable and honestly really loved every product.


Full Size Body Boost Sorbet Moisturising Lotion.
It’s so important to keep skin hydrated, especially in winter. It’s easy to not bother when you live in jeans and jumpers in winter, but something that we still should do. This Body Boost Sorbet retails at £14.99 and it is an excellent product. It claims to tone things up and make skin firmer. I’m not sure I trust that, but it certainly is a really good body lotion and great value for money as part of this box.

Full Size Skin Power 10 GF Moisture Serum
Gives skin a little moisture boost, perfect for the harsh weather. Apply after cleansing before creams. Usually retails at £12.00.

Full Size Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip Lipstick
The colour included was ‘ASOS Red’, a colour exclusive to ASOS and the perfect pillar box red. This lipstick dries on and leaves a matte finish. I will be honest, matte finish drying liquid lipsticks are my worst nightmare. They are uncomfortable to wear, if you top your lips up through the day it peels off and feel cakey and uncomfortable. I also find most ‘matte’ effects lipsticks make lips look a bit fake and rubbery which isn’t the look I’m after.
I have to say this lipstick is amazing. You only need one coat, it dries within a few minutes and is very lightweight so lips don’t feel ‘caked’ in make up. It lasts around 4 hours with me eating and drinking which I think is fine. Little top up at lunch time sees you through the rest of the day.
This product is 100% vegan and retails at £16.00.


Full Size Alpha-H Clear Skin Moisturiser
I have said it before and I will say it again, I love skin care more than make up! When you have suffered from really bad skin its such a relief when it improves that you are happy to invest in decent products and make time for a decent skincare routine.
As a person that suffers from blemishes this is the perfect moisturiser for me. The first face cream I have come across that treats blemishes without drying them out. It retails at £23.00 for a full size which is quite high-end for a small product, but is worth investing in so it is in the drawer ready for when skin flares up.

Mini Pureology Strength Shampoo and Conditioner
Lastly is the travel size shampoo and conditioner. ASOS have done me an absolute solid here, because I was looking at buying my next lot of shampoo and conditioner from this brand so it was great to try it and safe to say I will be buying them!

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