Autumn 2017 Wardrobe Additions

This is a great time of year to pick up the end of Summer sale bargains and mid-season Autumn bargains. I really like this time of year for shopping because the shops tend to be quite varied, we haven’t plunged into the depths of winter yet so it’s not just heavy jumpers and jackets every where.. there are still touches of summer out there!

Summer blouses that can be worn with jeans and a jacket or thick cardigan and skirts that you can pair with jumpers which will still be great to wear next Spring/Summer.

Whenever I buy clothes I always have the image of the ideal capsule wardrobe in the back of my mind. I have gone from being a person who had to buy those ridiculous shoes that would go with none of my clothes just because it was love at first sight to being really practical and asking myself if I need it and how it would improve my wardrobe.

Its kind of boring, but its a much better way of shopping. I usually avoid the likes of Primark and try to invest in things that will last rather than buy cheap and throw it away after a few months. HOWEVER, this month I have bought a few budget bits (including a couple from Primark) which I loved and wasn’t able to find a better quality alternative, so I just hope that if I look after them really really well, that they might last longer!


WP_20171030_15_39_54_Rich (2)
Pinstripe Button Down shirt, £10 Primark
Red Knitted Jumper Autumn Fashion 2017
Red Fishermans Jumper £16.99


Stripe Fine Knit Jumper £10.00


EGO Mules


WP_20171031_13_51_05_Pro (2)
Grey and Mustard Cardigan, £13


H&M Long Sleeve Heart Print Blouse £17.99



New Look Sling Back Loafers (ASOS) NOW £7.50


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