Perfect Flats for Every Outfit

I’m a huge fan of a practical flat shoe, but I sometimes feel a bit frumpy in flats and struggle to find anything that is smart and not too frumpy.

I found these in the ASOS sale and cannot stop wearing them! These suedette little slingbacks can be paired with anything! The pointed toe and steamlined design is slimming for the feet (good for those chubby ankles) and the black sueddette gives the, a classic 80s/90s feel.

These black flats elevate any simple outfit into something that feels effortlessly stylish!

New Look, Black Sling Backs – ASOS currently sold out.

Here are similar..

My new faves are these faux fur lined mules I got in the Ego sale. I like ridiculous, quirky accesories when they are paired with the most basic outfits. The most boring clothes can suddenly become interesting when I wear these shoes!


The black slipper design with gold horse bit is a complete dupe of the Gucci Princetown Slippers seen here on Sienna Miller..
I love how she tends to wear the same types of casual day-to-day clothes that the rest of us civillian folks do, so it is easy to replicate her style!

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