Fuji Green Tea from The Body Shop

WP_20171106_11_06_19_Rich (3)

The new Fuji Green Tea range from The Body Shop has really impressed me. Admittedly I don’t usually buy myself bits from The Body Shop, not for any particular reason it just doesnt always occur to me to go there. But I wasnt given a few bits from the Fuji Green Tea range as a birthday gift and I will definitely be repurchasing for myself in future.

My favourite product is the Cleansing Hair Scrub. Not only do I suffer with slightly dry skin on my face, I tend to get it on my scalp and quite often I find I get an itchy scalp where the products I use build up, so I am pleased to have finally found something that solves this problem.

If you are looking for a calrifying product that will leave not only your hair but also your scalp feeling healthy and refreshed this is definitely a product worth trying. It has a very thick, lumpy consistency to start which becomes creamy as you work it into damp hair and a small amount really lathers up quickly. I like the fact the exfoliating salt crystals are large because its easy to feel where they are and to manipulate where they go so you can work them into the areas that need the most attention. Usually products that strip dirt away can leave hair feeling quite dry, but after rinsing I use my usual conditioner and find that my hair is left feeling shiny and healthy.


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