Beauty Advent Calendars 2017

Alternative advent calendars are the new kids on the block when it comes to Christmas and if you haven’t heard of them, then where have you been?! Over the past few years the industry has expanded massively and now it appears that anything is possible.

The calendars I am most interested in are beauty themed. Beauty calendars have been around a little while but mainly amongst high end retailers and its only recently that more affordable options are being created.

I have been keeping my eyes peeled for the past month or so on the various beauty calendar options around and the majority of the ones I have been looking at have already sold out!
I have done a quick round up of all of the calendars (that i think are the best) that still appear to be in stock that are under £100. I have only included options with a variety of products rather than 25 of the same thing, because who really needs 24 lip glosses in one go?!!?

Jack Wills 24 day Calender £35.00
Contains various lotions, washes, butter, polish. It seems like a good price for 24 products, but if you look at the sizes of each product I wouldnt necessarily say this is great value for money especially as its obviously all Jack Will’s branded products.

Holland and Barrett Natural Beauty 12 Day Calendar £35.00
Although this calendar only covers the 12 days of Christmas, I really like the variety of products, particularly as they are all recognised brands.


Amazon 24 Day Beauty Calendar £50.00
This has to be one of my favourite and most recommended calendars. It may sound a bit pricey at £50 but when you see the brands that it includes and the sizes of each product, you can definitely say its worth a lot more than £50. In fact Amazon claims that the 24 products add up to around £185 at regular price!

House of Fraser Coutre Make Up 24 Day Calendar NOW £20.00
This calendar seems to be very good value with 24 make up products for £24. Although, I wouldnt personally go for a calendar which is purely make up if it was a gift for someone else. Make up is such a personal thing you could easily be buying 24 products that the receiver wont really use, its much safer to get skincare and body care products.  This calendar would be ideal for a younger teenager that loves trying out new styles.

Soap and Glory 24 Day Calendar £40.00
I love this brand! When Soap and Glory first started to appear in the shops I was very sceptial of it, thinking it was just cheap products and the best marketing, but I have tried many of their products now and really rate them. I like the fact that this calendar combines body care and make up and I think the price isnt bad working out to roughly £1.66 per door.


Look Fantastic 25 Day Advent Calendar £79.00
If you want value for money then this is one of the best I have come across, it may seem expensive at £79 however, you get 25 doors to open which i think is a really nice little touch and the products are worth around £300. You get 9 products which are full sized and it is the most beautifully wrapped calendar I have seen! This is definitely one that I would recommend!


Feel Unique 12 Days of Beauty £35.00
That might seem a bit expensive for 12 products but bearing in mind that you are paying roughly £3 per door, I don’t think it is too bad. I would be really happy to have this calendar because I can honestly say that all of the products are something that I know I like using or that I would like to try!

L’Occitane Classic 24 Day Advent Calendar £49.00
This is a great brand which seems to appeal to everyone so its definitely a failsafe option if you are giving this as a gift. It is beautifully packaged with lovely artwork on the box as with all products from this brand. The products are all adequate travel sizes and you get a decent variety of lotions and potions. L’Occitane also have a ‘Luxury Calendar’ at £89.

The Body Shop 25 Days Deluxe Advent Calendar £65
I would definitely recommend this calendar a more affordable version was available, but is now sold out and there is a more luxury version still available on The Body Shop website. This is one of the best calendars I have come across as far as value for money and quality of products go. The sizes are fair for the price and the design of the box is gorgeous and theres the added treat of a door to open on Christmas day which I love. I would not be dissapointed to have this one!

Liz Earle 12 Days of Christmas £66
If you love your skin care and spa treatments then this one is more you. It is high end pricing for 12 products, but this is a well known British beauty brand renowned for the high end quality products. I would love to recieve this, but again its a calendar which you would only buy someone you know well enough to be confident that they would love all of these products.

and last but, not least….


Clinique 24 Days of Christmas £75
This is my absolute favourite of all of the calendars I have looked at! I love Clinique products both theskincare and make up. Although the calendar seems a bit expensive, I can honestly say its fairly priced when you know how good Clinique products are. I like the combination of skincare and make up thats included, and I feel like they have stuck to classic colours so that the make up will be suitable for the broadest spectrum of people. I also like the fact they have gone quite classic because it is all the types of products that everyone uses. This is by far the most universal calendar I have come across and as £3.12 a door I honestly think its a good price.

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