Autumn/Winter 2017 Trends

These are the top trends that have surfaced through instagram and Pinterest for Autumn/Winter 2017. Quite often the same trends come around and its often based around the same colours this time of year so its been refreshing to find scarlet red everywhere!

The blazers make a change from the traditional rain mac and although I am not a huge wearer of tights I have found it quite interesting to see them be used as the centre piece of an outfit rather than a boring navy/nude accessory!

  1. Red Everything. Trousers, jumpers, blouses, shoes, scarves.. it’s the most flattering colour for every skin type. FACT.

  2.  Fancy Tights. Using hosiery as a way of making your outfit more interesting rather than trying to find something that blends in and goes unnoticed!


    Elie Saab : Runway - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2017/2018 

  3. Swishy Skirts. Long, pleated skirts are usually more of a summer trend so its great to see that they have carried through to AW17. They are so versatile, looking great with flats, boots, heels and even some trainers. This type of skirt can be paired with a blouse, a slogan t-shirt, or even oversized knitwear. Easy to wear to formal occasions and perfect for popping into town or going to work!


  4. Fluffy. Anyone who knows me will know that I am so pleased to find ‘fluffy’ at the height of current fashion trends. My wardrobe is made up of fur coats and leopard print. It’s a real addiction. At the minute you’ll find fluffy coats, handbags, shoes, key rings, earrings, you name it!



  5. Inspirational Slogan Tees. This have been cropping up quite a bit this year in general, particularly ‘Girl Gang’ type tees that are all about supporting other women/mothers/sisters/whoever. Its empowering and it looks cute so it can stay.


  6. Oversized tote bag. Totes ideal for Mums (pun intended).


  7. Baker Boy Hats. Every blogger across the planet has been flaunting their new cap teamed with their checked blazer across Instagram the past couple of months, but I think I will sit this one out!


  8. Oversized Knit. Knitwear is absolutely my thing and always will be. Just like leopard print, this is an addictions I have to fight hard to control. Theres nothing better than fashion that is comfortable and warm, what a dream!


  9. THE Blazer. If you haven’t noticed ladies wearing blazers everywhere then you must’ve been under a rock. It’s a classic 90s, Parisian inspired look that is almost fool-proof. Usually worn with something contrasting like a slogan tee and trainers, it’s a great look, but it’s absolutely everywhere now because it’s so great, which for me is a bit off-putting.


  10. Gold. Gold jewellery. For me its a daily accessory because I find it works better with my skin tone/colours I wear and style. If it’s not something you usually wear it’s definitely worth trying, particularly around Christmas time! There are so many deep red, greens, blues and blacks around this time of year all of which can be easily complemented by a subtle gold necklace or earrings to complete your look.


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