Mom Jeans; The Ultimate Wardrobe Staple

Since the weather has been colder I have been living in jeans. Most people hate being restricted to jeans and a jumper in the winter, but to be honest denim and knitwear are my faves.

My pretty much all denim is super versatile, but I find that my ‘Mom’ Jeans are the most easy to wear. Mom jeans are basically a high waist, non-stretch denim with a straight slightly tapered leg, inspired by the Levi’s 501 they enhance a small waist and hug and give you a round bum, so they are usually very flattering without being tight.

There isn’t anything I can think of that I can’t pair with these whether its formal or casual jeans, they are a traditional mid-blue denim colour which works well with most other colours. I usually like to wear them with a pale cream top or a black top, because I think those colours both compliment the pale blue denim best.

I quite like wearing them with a blouse because I like the contrast between a feminine top and masculine bottoms. The same goes for dainty flat shoes worn with this kind of denim.

My favourite pairs have worn knees so they tend to lend themselves towards casual looks, but a slightly newer looking pair would easily work for a formal outfit.

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